Simple Overview

Angel FX is an E.A.D.L. / E.C.U. control system that enables individuals, afflicted with severe disabilities, to control Lighting, Heating & Air Conditioning, Communications, Audio / Video Equipment, Bed Control, Nurse Call Systems, and many other devices within their home, office, or other facility. Powerful communications features empower individuals who are seeking to return to work.

The main unit is approximately 1 foot tall, and is designed to be placed on a desktop, or similar surface. Remote control of the system from a wheelchair, or other location is possible as an option. The unit offers both visual feedback, and high fidelity audible feedback to the user allowing easy system navigation. Menu's consist of icons and text, and are customized to the needs of the user when the system is first installed. Simple control scenarios as well as complex control scenarios can be accommodated. An arsenal of intelligently designed features truly enhances the lives and abilities of the user, providing maximum independence.

Angel FX is a switch activated system, and can operate in either of two modes, Scan Mode (which requires only a single switch input signal), or Direct Drive Mode (which requires two switch input signals). A wide variety of input switch devices can be connected to provide the interface to the user. A built-in Sip & Puff switch is also available as an option.



  • Interior & Exterior Home Lighting
  • Professional Lighting Systems (i.e.:, Lutron, Litetouch, Advantage, Liteolier and others)
  • Audio & Video Equipment (DVD, CD, TV, VCR, SAT, MD, CABLE, DAT, TUNER, etc.)
  • Bed Control (a custom wiring harness is required, call for more info)
  • Telephone Communications
  • Personal Computer (with optional card)
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
  • Ceiling Fans, & Portable Fans
  • Cameras & Video Surveillance Equipment
  • Page Turning Devices
  • Door Access & Openers
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Shade Control Units, and Window openers