Relay Control

Relays are yet another way to control external devices. Relays might be used to control Page Turning devices, Door Strike devices, Window / Shade devices, or may even be used to activate your burglar alarm system.

Angel FX provides nine Relays, within the main unit, that can be used for general purpose device control. Six of these nine relays are intended to be used for Bed Control, but if you are not controlling a bed, then they are available for external device control. Two of the nine relays are intended for general control purposes, and the isolated relay contacts appear on a Phoenix connector for easy connection to your external equipment.

One of FIVE operating functions can be assigned as a single relay command; Set, Clear, Toggle, Follow Input B, or Timed Pulse. (timer resolution is 1/10th of a second) Relay commands can be sent individually, by "clicking" on a single ICON or text menu line, or any number of them (up to 32) can be programmed into a "sequence" which allows up to 32 events to be executed in response to a single input from the user. Angel FX can store up to 1,000 sequences of up to 32 events each. It is possible to view the current status of the main relays at any time by adding the "Relay Status" ICON to the menu structure.

Each I/O Pod also provides two sets of isolated relay contacts for general purpose use. Up to 10 I/O Pods can be connected to the system at the same time to provide up to 20 additional sets of isolated relay contacts.