Powerline Carrier (X-10)

What is Powerline Carrier, and what is X-10? Powerline Carrier is a term that describes a method of delivering data to various electronic devices through your homes existing electrical wiring. This means that it is not necessary to run new wiring within your home to control a device, the technology uses your existing home's AC wiring. X-10 is a company that invented, and patented, the protocol that allows it to happen. X-10 also manufactures many devices that allow control of lights, appliances, heating & air conditioning, etc. Such devices can be "set" with an identifying code, and operated from elsewhere within the home. It is not important that you understand how it works, just understand that using X-10 devices, you can control home lighting, fans, ceiling fans, appliances, heating & air conditioning, and much more!

Angel FX allows you to send X-10 commands so you can control many devices within your environment. X-10 commands can be sent individually, by "clicking" on a single ICON or text menu line, or any number of them (up to 32) can be programmed into a "sequence" which allows up to 32 events to be executed in response to a single input from the user. Angel FX can store up to 1,000 sequences of up to 32 events each. Any X-10 house code / unit code combination can be programmed into a sequence. It is also possible to program dim, and/or brighten, commands into a sequence so that you may turn on a lamp, and dim it to a preset level with a single input from the user.

Enjoy unrestricted control of X-10 devices with Angel ECU.

A variety of X-10 devices are pictured. In wall light switches can be
replaced with X-10 controlled switches, as well as in wall recepticles can
be replaced with X-10 controlled versions. Plug in modules make it a snap
to control lamps and other appliances. Chimes can also be plugged in
quickly to allow the requesting of help.