Light Control

Angel FX excels at controlling your environment, and controlling lights is easier than you might expect. First of all, Angel FX is compatible with Powerline Carrier controlled lamp modules and switches (X-10), and is also compatible with professional lighting systems, such as Lutron, Liteolier, Vantage, Litetouch, and others. There are no less than 18 Lamp ICONS to choose from when creating your lighting menu. Each ICON is of a different style lamp, and each ICON has its own associated Voice Prompt, so that when controlling Angel FX remotely, you know which lamp that you are about to turn ON, or OFF.

When controlling X-10 lighting, one possible menu mode keeps track of the status of the lamp, so that only a single click on the ICON will turn the lamp ON, if the lamp was previously OFF, or OFF, if the lamp was previously ON.

Lighting control made simple, by Angel ECU.