Infrared Control

Angel FX brings to the table the most flexible, and powerful Infrared control capabilities of any ECU system. And best of all, it can be delivered where you need it wirelessly! Angel FX learns commands from your existing remote controls, so you are not relying on a "pre-programmed" data base that can become obsolete quickly. The IR commands are learned into an "I/O Pod" device, which can be positioned behind your Audio / Video equipment, keeping clutter to a minimum, and providing reliable operation in a room full of people. Each I/O Pod provides 8 zones of IR outputs. Infrared Emitters are connected to a zones output jack, and attached to the A/V component over the IR sensor window.

Each I/O Pod can learn over 1,300 Infrared commands. If more output zones are required, simply connect a 2nd I/O Pod to the system. Up to 10 I/O Pods can be connected to Angel FX at the same time, providing up to 80 Infrared output zones, and over 10,000 IR commands!

Infrared commands can be triggered one at a time, by the user, or the commands can be programmed into a "sequence" which provides for up to 32 events to be triggered in response to a single users input.

I/O Pods connect to Angel FX with a standard "Ethernet" cable, and as an option, I/O Pods can be remotely located, and communicate with Angel FX via 900 MHZ Spread Spectrum wireless radio.

Unique solutions are the standard with Angel ECU.