Angel FX was designed to be extremely flexible, as well as powerful, so that no matter what the application requirement is, Angel FX can be setup to handle the task with ease. Angel FX possesses a flexible menu structure that, when initially installed, is customized to the needs and abilities of the particular user. Functions that are particularly important to the user can be "positioned" at the top of the menu structure, so that only a minimum number of steps are required to access the functions.

Over 140 ICONS are available for creating system menus, and custom text menus can also be created allowing truly limitless functionality. A single "click" on an ICON or text menu line can trigger a single event, or a sequence of up to 32 events, depending on the needs of the user. This provides tremendous benefits to a user who may have limited motor functions. Speech Augmentation features will benefit those who have limited speech capabilities.

Equipment to be controlled can be connected on the main unit's rear panel, or can be connected to a remotely located "I/O Pod". The I/O Pod can communicate to the main unit via a wired connection, or a wireless connection as an option. Several I/O Pods can be connected at the same time, wherever the equipment to be controlled happens to be located. Power & Flexibility is the name of the game. Each I/O Pod provides 8 zones of Infrared Output, (2) RS-232 serial ports, (2) RS-485 serial ports, (2) Isolated Relay Contacts, (2) voltage detection input ports, and an RS-485 bus connection.