Audio / Video Control





Angel FX makes it easy to control even the most elaborate of Audio and Video systems, no matter where the components may be located within your home. The system can be setup so that only a single input from the user, is necessary to start a series of commands executing, turning on all necessary audio and video components, as well as switching the appropriate component inputs and outputs so that watching your favorite DVD, or Satellite program is as simple as a single "click". It just doesn't get any easier than this!

Angel FX incorporates a built-in Learning Infrared Controller that learns all necessary commands (up to 1,300 commands) to control your equipment. You can get control of any and all functions of your components that you desire.

Audio and Video components, such as a Televisions, Receivers, or DVD players, are typically controlled by Infrared commands. Some components may also be controlled by Serial Data commands via a direct RS232 port connection.

Angel FX can accommodate either scenario allowing you to setup your system for maximum reliability. In fact, our new I/O Pod provides 8 separate zones of Infrared Output, 2 RS232 ports, as well as 2 RS485 ports. If more Infrared ports are needed, simply patch in a 2nd I/O Pod! Up to 10 I/O Pods can be connected to Angel FX at the same time, and the connection can be wireless 900 MHZ Spread Spectrum RF!